General News Updates 2018

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3/21/18 - The annual O Scale March Meet was held in Chicago this past weekend and as usual, the Hill family lead by Melissa, did another outstanding job of orchestrating a trouble-free event. I'm already looking forward to 2019! I want to thank everyone that stopped by our tables and especially those that came great distances just to see what Kohs & Company had to offer. Again this year I hosted a gathering of reservation holders and model owners to provide an opportunity for questions and hear face to face what is going on with our current project development. I sincerely thank those who attended since it was held at a late hour to avoid conflict with eating, drinking and layout tours. After each show experience, especially in Chicago, ideas come to mind to make it a more meaningful use of time for those that attend and a couple of new ideas came to mind this year which I'll look to incorporate for next year. Hopefully we can get even more participation in 2019.

Many thanks to all!!

3/11/18 - Progress is being made on a number fronts, thankfully, and I'll be posting the news in the next day or two. The details of the PFE reefer project are nearly finalized and the plans, specifications and pricing for the HO scale Union Pacific Challenger will be released. This is all part of a new production arrangement that also involves and supports our ongoing Big Boy project.

Check back soon!

1/30/18 - 2018 has gotten off to a rough and slow start, the reason why I have been pretty quiet since the holiday season. Heading into the holidays I was struggling with a respiratory ailment and Walking-Pneumonia, no Flu thankfully....yet, but in the course of that just before Christmas developed a case of Shingles. The most apt description I can give to Shingles is like having, in my case, a 30'x8' cold-sore wrapped around my midsection, any movement leading to cracking and pain as the rash healed. That was the easy part, the residual nerve pain that still persists is driving me crazy to the point of distraction! Without movement the situation is tolerable, but you don't get much accomplished on that basis! I'm pushing ahead at this point on project updates and mailings which are long over due and I can hardly wait for the anticipated overseas travel that is planned. My builders are anxious to get started on the new projects we have planned for this year and I have to say that I am very excited as well with the new potential that has been developed over the last several months.

Your patience is sincerely appreciated and I'll be posting new updates shortly.

1/11/18 - I have an important maintenance update regarding work at that will be done on our severs beginning at 7:00PM EST today. This maintenance may interrupt the normal access to this site, but it should only be for a short period of time this evening.

Additional updates for the new year will be posted shortly once the maintenance is complete.

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