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5/23/17 - As the updated show calender indicates, unfortunately, I will not be attending O Scale West this year due to a schedule conflict that I could not resolve in favor of attending the show. Apologies to those that were anticipating my presence, I'll work to handle whatever questions you may have had by other means with your cooperation. I'll be addressing the issue of future shows in another update very soon.

More updates will be posted over the next several days.

3/31/17 - In response to a number of inquiries requesting comment on our Southern Pacific cab-forward project in comparison to the same project being delivered by Key Models, I have posted a message on our cab-forward project site UPDATE PAGE. Many thanks for your interest in this ongoing project.

3/22/17 - One last follow up from the March Meet. I received a message this morning resulting from conversations about the mental health of brass collectors and a doctor friend forwarded some supporting evidence. He provided X-rays of a 'Demented' brass collector head and a totally normal one, if you're interested, CLICK HERE.

3/21/17 - Just a few brief comments in the wake of the Chicago O Scale March Meet this past weekend. First of all, a sincere thank you goes out to the entire Hill family and particularly Melissa for another fantastic job in producing the most important event of the year for serious O scalers. I would also like to thank all of those that attended the gathering we had on Saturday night in our suite. It again was a great opportunity to hear directly from myself, Lee Marsh of Lee Marsh Model Company and Erik Stott of Midwestern Model Works about our current as well as future projects and it was also a prime opportunity to hear feedback from those in attendance on a number of issues. We had hoped that Jimmy Booth of Glacier Park Models would be able to attend again this year, but personal circumstances unfortunately prevented that, Jimmy was certainly missed. Finally, many thanks to all that came by the display to hello and see what we are up to.

3/15/17 - With the Chicago O Scale March Meet this weekend, I wanted to mention to customers and potential customers that I will be again hosting an informal get together on Saturday evening after the dinner hour at a location in the hotel. This is an opportunity to discuss projects with less interference that normally happens with the rush of the show. I expect Lee Marsh of Lee Marsh Model Company and Erik Stott of Midwestern Model Works to also be in attendance. We had hoped that Jimmy Booth from Glacier Park Models would also be with us again this year, but difficult circumstances I am afraid will prevent his attendance at the show. If you are interested, make sure that you mention it to me at the show and I will provide more details. Looking forward to another great march Meet!

3/13/17 - Just a brief FYI for today. I wanted to advise that if you have tried to contact me by E-mail in the last several days or have phoned, you have definitely not received a response to your E-mail as yet and you may well not have gotten an answer if you called. Like several million other residents of Southeast Michigan who were hit by the tropical type wind storm last week, we were without power, Internet service or cable service until late last night, just shy a week. Our trusty generator took care of the power, but there was certainly a communication deficit. There was wide-spread property damage including our home and there was a major effort to affect repairs before the snow that was predicted began falling during the night. 

I will be responding to all inquiries over the next day or so, as fast as possible, as I also get prepared for the annual show in Chicago this coming weekend. Many thanks for your patience!

3/03/17 - We're into the month of March already and the new year is flying by. I am remiss in updating this site with new information, but that does not indicate a lack of activity here at Kohs & Company, on the contrary, there has been so much to deal with already this year that the website updates have taken a back seat to numerous other priorities.

Beginning right after the holiday season there was a concerted effort to complete extensive background maintenance initially on the website and then our E-mail system. With the level of visits during the holidays in particular and the subsequent electronic correspondence, adjustments needed to be implemented to keep our information flowing on a reliable and responsive basis. A byproduct of a relatively high-profile website (as rated by Alexa) is the increased SPAM that related accounts attract. I am just finishing the fine tuning on a new SPAM filtering software package that was installed on our server and from all indications, this has been manged without affecting wanted incoming messages. The system has been taken from over three hundred (300) SPAM messages a day to less than a half-dozen....thankfully, since the regular messaging consumes a couple of hours every day.

In part the influx of new activity on this site can be attributed to some new ads that have been run informing on our modeling efforts. You may not have seen the ads if you only follow model railroading publications, the latest ran in a special holiday issue of Art & Antiques magazine. This magazine is among a small group of high-end publications that provide coverage of valuable artistic and collectible items. I have always considered the work that the finest Korean model builders do to be very artistic both in process and results, so our current ads promote the work of our builders on that basis. The image below is an example of our ad in Art & Antiques in case you have not seen it in the publication. (text continues below)

The purpose of this promotion is certainly to pursue new sales opportunities, but just as important to me is the effort to support the investment our current owners have made in our models by further explaining and highlighting their inherent value as very limited handcrafted items to be admired in addition to being operating components in the model railroading world. I have never taken the support provided by our 'family' of owners for granted as they have made our endeavors possible. The ads have been very simple with the model images speaking for themselves, the feedback has been very interesting is a real understatement!

In addition to everything else that has been happening, our model shipping efforts have continued, the work on existing projects has continued and serious efforts to ensure future production capability have consumed substantial amounts of time. With that said, regular project updates will continue in short order with special comment on upcoming shows.

1/01/17 - Wishing all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Sincerely thanking all those that continue to support our projects making them possible.

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